a open source online css stylesheet editor


A free wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) css editor running in your browser!

cssStyleOn is using a slightly modified version of the powerful css style generator CSSMate and integrates it into a simple management interface for your stylesheet. Many thanks to Michael Schreiber (the author of CSSMate) for making this possible!

Try it now!

play with the online demo

The current version is available as a running online demo. The default stylesheet is read only but you may import / export a stylesheet of your own.


The current tech-preview is available as source code here: cssStyleOn-0.7-tech_preview.tar.bz2
More documentation on setting things up will follow soon... Until then you may try the online-demo above to see cssStyleOn in action.


If you want to contribute to this project or comment on it, simply contact me at css-style-on. Any ideas or suggestions on how to improve cssStyleOn and make it even better are welcome.